Research Portfolio restructure

10 October 2012

On 8 October the Research Portfolio implemented a revised structure that will enable the Portfolio to:

  • continue improvements to services we provide researchers;
  • expand our capacity to support collaborative and multi-disciplinary research and
  • take a more active role in shaping the research environment outside the University so it better supports our research.

These changes will strengthen our internal coordination and enable closer collaboration with Faculties and Schools. This means we will be in a better position to support the University's research strategy and provide tools and information for Deans and their senior research managers across the University to make strategic decisions and plans.

What you can expect
Our reorganisation means sharper attention on schemes and services for researchers:

  • focus on multi-disciplinary research and infrastructure;
  • dedicated coordination and senior support for ARC Linkage Projects (by the Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships Group);
  • improved coordination of Cooperative Research Centre Program support (by the Research Grants and Contracts Group;
  • dedicated team to coordinate and support the negotiation and execution of research contracts: such as research agreements, consultancies, material transfer agreements, and those attached to grants;
  • dedicated team to support and monitor post-award research grants and agreements obligations and
  • expanded support for training and systems to assist researchers meet integrity standards 

Research leaders and managers will have access to more data and more reports through the consolidation of our reporting functions into one team. They will also be provided with more support through the research development stage.

What's happened to Sydnovate?
The functions of Sydnovate have been integrated more tightly into the Portfolio to achieve the best results for researchers and the University as a whole.

Commercial and industry partnerships will become the focus of the new group who will work closely with Research Development and Collaboration. In addition to assisting researchers find the right industry partners and capitalise on their ideas and innovation, the Group will assist researchers manage their intellectual property, including the associated agreements (licenses, assignments, options and corporate documents and shareholder agreements).

All other contracts previously handled by Sydnovate will be managed by a dedicated group within the Research and Contracts function.