Intellectual Property and Commercialisation: a module for new and emerging Chief Investigators

9 August 2013

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation provides researchers with information on Intellectual property and an introduction to Commercialisation. There will be the opportunity to get answers to questions about IP and to gain a broad understanding and appreciation of the processes involved in identifying, protecting and packaging innovations for the marketplace.

The module involves a half-day, interactive workshop that will be presented by key staff from Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships, which is responsible for managing the University’s research relationships with commercial partners, as well as industry guests.  The workshop will include an opportunity to build skills in presenting research to non-specialists like potential industry partners.

This module is in two parts:

  • Online material and activities to be read and completed prior to the workshop
  • Attendance at a ½ day workshop on Thursday 12 September 9am – 1pm (Workshop held at the Darlington Centre – Camperdown Campus)