Changes to human ethics process

22 August 2013

Recent changes to the human ethics external approval processes aim to minimise the duplication of review, where possible. The changes apply to projects that have sought and gained ethics approval from ethics committees external to the University of Sydney.

From August, projects that have received approval from an ethics committee registered with the NHMRC will not require additional approval from the University of Sydney Ethics Committee.

Projects will still require approval from the University's Ethics Committee if they have been reviewed by:
  • an Australian ethics committee not registered with the NHMRC
  • an overseas ethics committee where there is a Sydney-administered grant
These changes are likely to reduce the number of approvals required by University of Sydney researchers, which will also save time and the duplication of effort.

The Ethics Office has developed a flow chart that will allow researchers to determine whether they need to submit projects for approval to the University of Sydney HREC.

Additional questions may be directed to the Ethics Office.