On 4 Dec: development module for new and emerging Chief Investigators

11 November 2013

Research grants are legally binding agreements between the provider and the researcher. This module explores the nature of research grants and contracts. It examines the principles of effective grant management and explores the responsibilities of the researcher with respect to the execution and reporting of project outcomes.

Please note that aspects of this module are covered in more detail in other modules (eg. Finance and Risk Management, Commencement and Collaboration etc.). This module links to relevant information in those other modules the topics are included here under a broad umbrella of what is important to consider in grant management.
As a result the workshop for this module is short (2 hours) and covers:

  • advice from Research Grants and Contracts about key pitfalls in grant and contract management
  • managing communication (internally and externally) through the life of a grant

    The panel for this module:

    • Joanne Elliott, Manager, Research Grants and Contracts
    • Professor William Christie, Pro-Dean Research, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    • Professor Jillian Kril, Professor of Neuropathology; Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research), School of Medicine 


    When: 9-11am, 4 December 2013
    Where: Conference Room, Darlington Centre
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