Changes to NHMRC Project Grant applications for 2014

5 February 2014

There have been a number of changes in the NHMRC application process, particularly in relation to:

  • the Research Proposal document
  • CI time commitment
  • citation style for references
  • Open Access publications

Changes to the Research Proposal document

There have been significant changes to required inclusions in the Research Proposal document (PDF attachment) and the page limits that apply:

  • Research Proposal (formerly known as Background and Research Plan) - 9 pages
  • References (previously 3 pages) - 2 pages
  • CI time commitment (previously captured in Part A RGMS) - 1/2 page per CI
  • Team Quality & Capability statement (relevant to this proposal) - 1 page
  • CI Track Records (now including top 5 pubs in last 5 yrs) - 2 pages per CI
  • Career disruption (if applicable, previously captured partly in CV) - 1 page per CI
  • PDYIPG (if applicable, previously captured at beginning of Background and Research Plan) - 1 page per young investigator
  • Indigenous Health Criteria (if relevant, previously captured in Part A RGMS) - 2 pages

CI time commitment
Previously this was provided only as a percentage. Applicants are now required to provide percentages, as well as a narrative which describes the actual time each CI will spend on the project and demonstrates their capacity to fulfil their role in this time. Extensive advice on how to complete this section is available on pages 24-25 of the NHMRC Strategy and Writing Guide (PDF).

Reference list and in-text citations
The NHMRC have amended their advice in relation to the citation rules published in the Advice to Applicants document. A specific reference style is no longer required.

The latest advice is that references in the Research Plan document must

  • not exceed 2 pages
  • provide a list of all references cited in the application in anappropriate standard journal format. NHMRC prefers the Author-date (Harvard System), Documentary-note and the Vancouver System
  • list authors in the order in which they appear in PubMed,
  • not include web links
  • only include references to cited work

NHMRC Open Access policy for publications arising from NHMRC research funding

NHMRC has added a check box to the CV_pubs section of RGMS.

All Chief Investigators completing the CV_pubs section of RGMS are prompted to indicate whether a publication has been deposited in an open access repository.

Please respond "yes" if:

  • The publication was the result of research funded by NHMRC,
  • was published after 1st July 2012 and,
  • has been loaded into IRMA

The above advice is relevant to all CIAs who have received NHMRC funding administered by the University of Sydney.

CIAs who have published research arising from NHMRC funding since July 2012 but from a grant administered elsewhere, need to confirm open access arrangements with these administering Institutions as they may differ from the University of Sydney.

Further questions regarding the NHMRC Open Access Policy should be directed to the Research Portfolio ( or more information can be obtained from the NHMRC website

Contact: Joanne Elliot

Email: 5d04043d37295b173f2833191b3918381426283c5d033c371f5443