ICT Research funding: Faculty-Specific IT Research and Education Program

28 February 2013

 ICT will again be supporting information technology requirements in faculties through the Faculty-Specific IT Research and Education Program (FREIP) in 2013. This program aims to support projects which are ineligible for the main ICT funding streams.

The scope of the program is:
  • To develop IT solutions/services for research and teaching support within one or more faculties.
  • Proposed project has defined technology deliverables.
  • Proposed budget per project has a maximum limit of 20% of the total program budget
  • Projects or initiatives not covered by University-wide funding streams
Applications will be prioritized using the criteria that are used for all ICT projects, but tuned for faculty impact. The priority assessment process includes the following selection criteria:
  1. Alignment to Faculty strategies
  2. Need - degree to which the project is required to sustain University (faculty) operations
  3. Value for money - to what degree does the project improve efficiency and reduce costs, and how much will theproject cost to implement and what are the ongoing operational costs associated with project?
Approved projects will be managed as individual projects using the existing ICT project methodology within a program framework.

Closing dates
Round 1 - Friday, 15 March 2013 (High priority, urgent projects)
Round 2 - Friday, 17 May 2013

Contact Mike Baker for an information pack.