Privacy awareness

3 May 2013

This week is Privacy Awareness Week so it is a good time to draw attention to the University’s new Privacy Policy 2013, and the associated Privacy Management Plan.

Privacy Management Plan (PDF) is a procedure under the University’s policy framework, and sets out in broad terms how the University will comply with the NSW privacy acts.

The new
Privacy Policy (PDF) sets out the rights and responsibilities of the University, staff, affiliates and  in some circumstances, students in relation to privacy.  

The policy includes the requirement that staff and affiliates who direct students’ research are responsible for ensuring that students under their direction understand their obligations under the NSW privacy legislation.

Privacy Awareness Week is held each year to promote greater privacy awareness and the importance of protecting personal information. 

Please visit the university's Privacy webpage for
further information.

Briefings and training sessions are being held through all faculties, or can be arranged on request.  Please contact Tim Robinson
via email or on 9351 4263.