ARC Reports update

14 January 2011

ARC Progress Report templates are now available.

The ARC has recently made changes to its processes regarding Progress Reports. The templates have been simplified and signed hard copy submissions are no longer required.

Progress Reports for 2010 activities must be submitted to the ARC via the Research Grants Administration and Funding (RGAF) office by Monday 28 February 2011.

The due date to RGAF will be 7 February 2011. You must not submit the report directly to the ARC.

An email detailing full instructions for the submission of ARC Progress and Final Reports was sent out on Friday 14 January. If you feel you should have received this email but didn't, please contact RGAF:

Final reports

If your ARC project was due for completion in 2010 you will need to submit a Final Report 6 months after the project is completed. The ARC will provide templates for Final Reports over the next few months in GAMS. You will need to wait until this template is available until you can complete your report.

A reminder about the submission of Final Reports will be sent by this office as the templates become available

Contact: Research Grants Administration and Funding

Email: 185520340e3c0c304f391a0121444d143437336a3f1d134b510f