Updates to IRMA

7 February 2011

Thanks to the feedback provided by IRMA users, the search facility  has some additional functionality and there are some changes to the look and navigation.

This includes:

  • sorting by status
  • search by last name and first initial for internal and external authors
  • the ability to return to your search after viewing a record

More detail on these changes is included below.

If you need any help or have any questions about these changes please feel free to contact us:


Summary of changes and new features

  1. Ability to customise the number of records displayed in the publications search screen: Click on My preferences (right hand side of the screen in line with the University logo) and enter a number between 5 and 100 next to No of records to display in the GUI
  2. A new search screen with basic (Fig 1) and advanced (Fig 2) search functionality. In both screens:

    a. There is an Advanced/Basic icon to toggle between screens
    b. Once the filter options have been chosen or changed, the Search button must be clicked to display results. Search results are cleared when an extra filter is applied.
    c. The Reset icon removes all filters
    d. The year is now a range rather than a single year
    e. Page up and page down has been replaced by arrows to move page by page and numbers to jump to a specific page number. The page number being displayed is in bold
    f. Returning to the search screen after clicking into a record will now take you back to the same search page rather than page 1
    g. The Edit icon which displays the last edited publication is made more prominent and moved to the left of the navigation arrow

Figure 1: Basic search screen
Figure 1: Basic search screen



In the advanced screen:

  1. Searches for internal and external authors now include the ability to specify initials.
  2. If an author filter is applied the name of the author will show beside internal or external author field. The reset button or the garbage bin icon beside the name can be used to remove the author filter
  3. ISSN and ISBN searches are replaced with the Parents search which filters for records attached to conferences, books or journals. The parents can be searched for by name or by ISSN/ISBN. Again the garbage bin icon beside the parent name removes the filter.
  4. Searches for System ID and Medicine Ref will return matching the matching ID regardless of the filters applied


Figure 2: Advanced search screen
Figure 2: Advanced search screen


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