Update: NHRMC TRIP Fellowship

21 March 2011

The NHMRC have announced changes to the page limit for TRIP proposals and finalised the submission process.

NHMRC have determined that the TRIP Fellowship application's current five-page limit for the Implementation Research Proposal is not sufficient to provide the required content of the proposal as well as the references used in the proposal. Therefore the NHMRC  ave decided that the references do not need to be counted within the five-page limit.

Applicants will be able to include all relevant references in the document outside this page limit.

The process for the submission of referee reports for TRIP Fellowships has been finalised in RGMS.  Applicants are now able to provide details of referees in RGMS, and referees are able to upload their referee reports to RGMS.  Applicants should refer to the revised TRIP Fellowships Advice and Instructions to Applicants (17 March update) for details.