Call for proposals: Concentrated solar power

27 April 2011

The Australian Solar Institute (ASI) is seeking proposals for a review of Concentrated Solar Power potential in Australia.

In recognition of the importance of a solid knowledge base in driving Australia's solar energy sector forward, the ASI is commissioning enabling research into the technical and economic challenges and opportunities that solar technologies offer the Australian energy markets.

The ASI is a $150 million commitment by the Australian Government to support solar thermal and solar photovoltaic research and development.

Proposals must be submitted to the ASI by 5pm Friday 20 May 2011.

More information from the ASI.

Contact: Sally O'Brien

Phone: 02 4960 6300

Email: 0e0d3b142455063a33310c37402b07083655012b582b38384e3321021a5f3d422f1322182517