Sydney Health Policy Network + symposium

27 April 2011

The Sydney Health Policy Network is a new cross-disciplinary network for researchers, educators and advocates across the University.

The network aims to link the health policy research and education activities across the University. It seeks new knowledge and interest in the development of policy and practice. It will connect academics and those who make the policy decisions for society, including health service providers and social agencies, both nationally and internationally.

You can join by visiting the Sydney Health Policy Network website.

The network is hosting its first symposium from 10am to 3pm on Monday 16 May at the Darlington Centre. The day will be divided into two sessions.The morning session will provide snapshots of research and education efforts relevant to health policy from across the University. The afternoon session will discuss new ideas and identify opportunities for collaboration across disciplinary boundaries - developing strategic intent.

Read more about the Sydney Health Policy Network Symposium.