Researchers to take part in 2011 SRE time use survey

31 May 2011

In 2011 researchers at all Australian universities, are required to complete SRE time use surveys.

This survey will determine the average proportion of total time spent by staff on Australian Competitive Grant funded research. This is a requirement under the Australian Government's Sustainable Research Excellence (SRE) scheme and will be used to allocate funding.

In order that we meet the mandatory 67% response rate we are asking that every eligible researcher participates.

The surveys should be completed by all paid employees of the University who are:

  • academic staff with a designation 'Teaching and Research' or 'Research Only'; and
  • professional/general staff for whom undertaking research forms a material part of their employment, as opposed to supporting research undertaken by others

The survey will be available online. It will record the actual number of hours spent on a range of different activities for 14 consecutive days, or for two separate, seven-day periods, including evenings and weekends.

Survey participants can log into the survey each day or keep a separate record for the survey period and enter this into the survey instrument at their convenience.

The 2011 SRE survey period opens on Monday 11July and will close on Sunday 7 August .

On Monday 11 July, eligible researchers will receive an email invitation and instructions about the survey from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research).

Over the next four years the SRE will provide the University with $70 - $80 million in new funding, allowing it to invest in a better research environment for staff and students.

In order to access these funds, the government requires all Australian universities to undertake the SRE time use survey. Each university must achieve a 67 percent response rate so it is very important that all researchers at Sydney participate.

Thank you to everyone who participated last year in the 2010 SRE survey. Sydney had an 83% response rate and received $14.8 million in funding.

The survey will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the government will be provided with data that does not identify individuals.

If you are a researcher and do not receive an invitation, please check your junk mail folder and/or contact:

Kerrie Legge
SRE Project Officer
P: 8627 8121

Alternatively, contact the SRE Helpdesk
P: 8627 8139.