Australian Antarctic science applications are now open

28 July 2011

The Australian Antarctic Division is now accepting science applications for work in 2012-13.

The focus in 2012-13 is a spring sea-ice research voyage led by the Antarctic Climate Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre. There will also be access to Casey, Davis and Mawson on the Antarctic continent and to the subantarctic station on Macquarie Island.

All science projects that commence in 2012-13 season will be new and will have been assessed under the Division'snew two-stage application system.

Stage 1 of the application process- the Expression of Interest - is now open for research projects commencing in 2012-13 and for projects requiring major logistic support (eg dedicated ship time, deep-field access, dedicated fixed wing air or helicopter support) in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Expressions of Interest need to address at least one of the four thematic areas:

To find out more and apply visit the Australian Antarctic Division website.