Equity Fellowship schemes now open

8 August 2011

Sydney's Equity Fellowship schemes are now open for applications.

  • The Laffan fellowships aim to assist researchers who have a significant disability, or have experienced a significant disability, re-establish or enhance their academic research careers.
  • The Brown Fellowships aim to assist recipients re-establish or enhance their academic research careers after interruptions from sustained primary caring duties.
  • The Thompson Fellowships aim to address the under-representation of women in senior academic positions and provide opportunities to women academics at levels C or D to develop and strengthen their research, preparing them to apply for and assume roles at levels D and E in the near future.

The Fellowships provide academic staff with relief from routine teaching and administrative responsibilities, and research only staff with funding to for technical support, for up to two semesters starting Semester 1, 2011. They provide up to $60,000 per fellow at $30,000 per semester ($25,000 in teaching relief/technical support and $5,000 in research support).

The closing date for all schemes is CoB Wednesday 7 September 2011.