Early career researchers: get help with your NHMRC Project Grant preparation

19 August 2011

Early career researchers in the faculties of health can get help to prepare their NHMRC Project Grant proposal. Your NHMRC project grant proposal will be strategically and operationally reviewed by 2 separate panels of experts feedback will be provided.

The support program is being offered in two stages:

  • feedback will be provided on your project summary and
  • if invited, you will be able to submit your full grant proposal for review by a mock project panel.

How it works:

Stage 1

  1. Fill out the template supplied, (PDF) including a cover sheet and one page proposal, attach a list of your publications and send to Christine Anderson by email by 12 September 2011.
  2. You will be contacted in late September/early October and offered a date to attend a meeting with three reviewers who will have read your proposal and prepared feedback for you. The reviewers will be assessing your proposal for feasibility, experimental design, significance, innovation and track record. They may ask you further questions at that meeting and will give feedback about possible improvements.

Stage 2

  1. You will prepare a research grant proposal (research background and plan with track records) and submit this to Christine Anderson in late December/early January.
  2. You will be invited to attend a panel review in January. Here a panel of experts will be assembled as a mock project review panel. They will read your proposal and discuss itwhile you observe, allowing you to notethe nature of the discussion and issues thatwill affect the success of your proposal. You can use this feedback to improve your proposal.

Contact: Christine Anderson

Phone: + 61 2 9114 0801

Email: 12204605250d302b065e235d0004343c560c6b16490d45164f78100c315f3b3c