Register: Annual Humanities Symposium: Education the Nation

13 October 2011

The Annual Symposium of the Australian Academy of the Humanities is being held on 17 November 2011.

The Symposium, titled "Educating the Nation: The humanities in the new Australian curriculum" will explore the future of humanities education in Australia, and the challenges and opportunities presented by the new curriculum for humanities research and teaching at all levels.

Questions to be explored include:

  • What experience of the humanities is envisaged for our future citizens?
  • What interest in the humanities will be stimulated among Australia's young people?
  • What skills will they bring to university, further training or the workforce from the disciplines, and the discipline, of the humanities?
  • Who are Australia's future scholars, researchers and teachers in all the disciplines of the humanities, and what encouragement is being offered to them to pursue a widely based and rich encounter with human knowledge?
  • How has the Australian nation been formed through schooling and how does this compare internationally?

Registrations close 11 November. Visit the Academy of the Humanities website to register and find out more.

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