Apply for computational and data storage on major national facilities

14 October 2011

The National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS) is now calling for applications.

Researchers from universities and public sector research organisations can apply for access to computational and data storage resources on Australia's major national computational facilities.

In 2012, the NCMAS will provide access to the:

In all cases, the infrastructure has been funded by the Australian Government under its NCRIS and Super Science programs, while operations of these facilities in 2012, and subsequent years, are funded by the major partners of the collaborations underpinning each of the facilities.

Accordingly, access through the NCMAS for researchers from universities, and other publicly-funded research organisations, is not charged back to researchers, or researcher organisations. Commercial usage of these facilities, however, is not permitted under the NCMAS, and appropriate arrangements for such usage must be negotiated separately with the relevant facility operator.

For 2012, the value of the resources allocated under the NCMAS is approximately 10c per core hour, an amount which can be stated as a contribution to future research grant applications (e.g., to ARC and NHMRC).

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