CODCD summer research scholarship

14 November 2011

The Centre of Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (CODCD) is providing students currently enrolled in any full-time undergraduate program the opportunity of undertaking valuable research with their Summer Research Scholarships program.

The CODCD is looking for students from a broad range of disciplines; from biological sciences to business, from pharmacy to philosophy. If your proposed research project aims to tackle these increasingly prevalent health problems the CODCD are interested in hearing from you.

This eight week scholarship is a rare opportunity to explore career and research options in the broader ODCD area, work with well-established researchers, and use high-quality facilities. Furthermore, you will participate in research that might not be available anywhere else and engage in a unique multidisciplinary research environment.

There are only five of these scholarships available and the 25 November marks the last day for submissions - so hurry up and get your application in!