Environmental research seeding grants

17 January 2012

NSW Environment and Heritage is offering grants up to $20,000 for 'proof of concept' projects through their Environmental Research Program.

The aim of theResearch program is to support research projects that help address environmental problems in NSW.

The EnvironmentalResearch (Seeding Grants) application processis a one-stage process. To find out more about the criteria visit the Office of Environment and Heritage website.

How to apply

Individual researchers from Universities have to submit their proposals to the Research Grants office and not directly to the funding body. As only 3 applications may be submitted to the funding body in each category, all applications will be internally ranked for submission. If you wish to apply, please notify Luda Kuchieva in Research Grants Administration and Funding as soon as possible.

Important dates:

  • Applications open: 14 January 2012
  • Applications close: 10 February 2012

Contact: Luda Kuchieva

Phone: 8627 8106

Email: 5a45020a423f3b343d5f0e302f36431f063c35405d17070465115a