Apply now for grants that support scientific literacy projects

27 January 2012

DIISR is taking applications for grants that will provide a national program of activities that target people who have had little engagement with science.

The aim Unlocking Australia's Potential is to increase the engagement of Australians in science.

The program targets people who may not have had interest in or access to science engagement activities.

The grant round makes $5 million available across three categories for projects to be delivered between 2012 and 2014. It is intended to fund a collection of projects that provide a good mix of activities with a variety of approaches, audiences, locations and topics.

This grant round will encourage:

  1. A strengthened, cohesive and sustainable national program of science engagement activities. These activities will take into account existing projects and projects funded or supported by other means.
  2. A spread of activities across Australia.
  3. A comprehensive mix of activities in relation to delivery approaches, target audiences, geographic locations, and the science topic focus
  4. A focus on priorities such as (but not limited to) youth, Indigenous communities and regional Australia
  5. Innovative approaches to engaging audiences in science.

Visit the DIISR website to find out more about the program and how to apply.

The University of Sydney contact for more information about this scheme is Chris Robinson.

External closing date: 29 February 2012.