DECRA - D2 - the Institutional Statement - What to do

1 March 2012

The D2 is an institutional statement that forms part of the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) application. It should be written in conjunction with the Head of School or their nominee for the process.

  1. Complete the writing of the D2 draft
  2. Applicant to send ONLY the FINAL DRAFT in WORD to in Research Development
  3. Each D2 will be reviewed and amended if necessary
  4. If possible they will be returned to the applicant for last changes - this is not always possible
  5. The final version will be forwarded by Jennifer Turner to the RGAF team who will arrange the DVCR signature, pdf creation and the uploading into the application in RMS
  6. While Research Development finalises the D2s for all USyd candidates AND in order that you can Validate the Application in RMS you will need to upload a 'dummy' (a blank page will do)

For further information on DECRA please review the University's application process.