ERA Update: changes to IRMA

2 March 2012

A number of changes will be made to IRMA over the weekend. These changes will help the University provide accurate data for our ERA submission. The first extraction of data from IRMA for ERA will take place on 5 March.

These changes include:

  • Removal of ERA Listed Conference Outlet and Journal ID "ranked" as the ERA no longer ranks conferences or journals
  • IRMA will be able to capture names on publications in addition to those held by HR. This means papers published under a different name, for example a maiden name, can be captured for ERA.
  • The University will now be able to report on patents that are held by individuals, as well as those held by the institution.
  • "Proposed for Peer review submission" and "ERA eligible" will no longer be seen on the Researcher Profile screen. You can still determine the eligibility of publications by reviewing the category of the publication. ERA eligible publications are A1, A1 NUHC, B1, B1 NUHC, C1, C1 NUHC, E1, E1 NUHC, CW categories major and minor and where the "Research output status" is noted as complete.
  • The Research Portfolio will now be able to use IRMA to track contracts.
  • Creative works can now be extracted and submitted in more than 2 creative work sub-categories.
  • IRMA can now link work done by researchers prior to their affiliation with the University, with work done whilst here. This will enable a full profile of a researcher to be built. IRMA can now correctly record a researcher's affiliation on outputs produced while working at another institution.

The complete list of changes can be found here.