Research Project: Historical Profile of TAFE NSW Students

15 June 2012

TAFE NSW would like to commission a demographic and statistical examination of the history of TAFE NSW students, including data analysis of student records. The research project involves historical research into "who TAFE NSW students are". The focus will be on the changing demographics of TAFE NSW students, rather than on the history or effectiveness of TAFE NSW as an educational institution.

TAFE NSW is interested in funding an appropriately qualified and experienced researcher who would use our extensive collection of student records to investigate:

  • who TAFE NSW students are
  • how the student population has changed
  • what these students have studied
  • what economic and social changes in NSW, Australia and internationally have impacted on the demographics of the TAFE NSW student population and their study choices.

Research period: The research will be conducted over a period of 12 months commencing by 1 July 2012.

Funding: Up to $75,000 is available over the twelve month period. It is intended this will cover all related costs including but not limited to salaries, equipment, travel and incidental costs.

Support to be provided by TAFE NSW: The researcher will be required to work independently. TAFE NSW will facilitate access to records and provide direction and advice on the key outcomes required.

Application Process: A project brief, application guidelines and an application form may be requested by contacting Steven Hermans. Applicants should refer to the guidelines before completing the application form.

Deadline: Completed applications must be submitted electronically by the Monday, June 25, 12:00 noon. Late applications will not be accepted.

Enquiries: For further information or application materials, please contact Steven Hermans.

Contact: Steven Hermans

Email: 311c573c2a14763f340834250f3e12163f2018044e4304354c1b2932