Nerd Nite Sydney

27 June 2012

"It's like the Discovery Channel... with beer!"

Nerd Nite is a monthly event with three quirky, entertaining, and deeply nerdy mini-presentations. And you know what? Entry is free!

Following on from the success of the inaugural Nerd Nite Sydney - which showcased the box-office prognostications of Jordi McKenzie, lecturer in Economics - Nerd Nite #2 will feature the Sydney University's Fiona Giles. She asks "Why is it so hard to look at, and talk about, breastfeeding?"

She'll be joined by UNSW professor James Goff and lawyer/comedian Alex Wasiel who will talk about tsunamis and accents respectively.

Future Sydney University guests will include mathematician, Nalini Joshi, the Head of the School of Political Science, Simon Tormey (both 1st of August) and astronomer/former Young Australian of the year, Bryan Gaensler (5th of September).

Where: Cafe Lounge, Surry Hills.

When: Tuesday, 3 July, 7pm. (And every first Wednesday of the month after that!)

Who: Fiona Giles, James Goff, Alex Wasiel... and You! If you are interested in speaking at a future Nerd Nite, please contact the Nerd Nite team!

What: Be There and Be Square.