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17 July 2012

The University of Sydney Equity Fellowships - Brown, Thompson and Laffan - are now open for application.

Stacy Carter, Thompson FellowThe fellowships, which aim to promote equal opportunity in research, are a joint initiative of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit. Each Fellow  will receive $60,000 over two semesters.

"I am always thrilled to see the quality of the applicants and recipients for these fellowships - it is very satisfying to see the positive impact of having the fellowship on our past winners", said Professor Jill Trewhella, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

The Thompson Fellowships recognise that women are under-represented at senior academic levels and aims to promote and enhance the career of academic women.

Stacy Carter(pictured at right) received a Thompson Fellowship in 2011.

"The Thompson Fellowship gave me the freedom to focus on research, and to do internationally, significant work" said Dr Carter.

"The Thompson funding allowed me to employ a wonderful colleague to do my teaching in 2011. Thanks to this teaching relief, I was able to spend a whole year reading everything there was to read and getting a few papers up.

The Brown Fellowships allow recipients to re-establish or enhance their academic careers after undertaking sustained primary caring duties. While caring responsibilities are most often associated with women, there are also men who carry significant and sustained caring responsibilities and they are encouraged to apply.

The Laffan Fellowships are offered to university researchers who have or have experienced a significant disability.

David Price was awarded a Laffan Fellowship in 2011. Price was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which redered him unable to enjoy his usual marathon bike rides or continue his crystallography research.

Receiving the Laffan Fellowship meant he was able to return to the lab for at least another year and, with the help of a postdoctoral assistant, was able to complete research papers that were left unfinished when he fell ill.

"I may indeed have published more for that year than I have for other years", said Dr Price.

"I also was able to hire someone to do a lot of the work that I could no longer physically do. With him working part time and myself part time, it was effectively like I wasn't ill.

"The equity fellowships are possibly the best thing this university has ever done for equal opportunity for staff.

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