Stay in touch with the NHMRC: make sure your details are up to date in RGMS

26 July 2012

The NHMRC regularly sends out notices related to applications, peer review and awarded grants to those registered in RGMS. Make sure you get the message by keeping your personal and institutional contact details up to date.

To update your email address:

  1. Click 'Change my account details' under 'Edit Account'.
  2. Follow the prompts on screen to enter your new email details.
  3. Click 'submit'
  4. Once approved by NHMRC, your new address will appear in your RGMS Profile

To update a phone number and/or other personal details:

  1. Click 'Edit My Profile and CV' under 'Edit Account'.
  2. Click your name in the 'My Profile and CV' list.
  3. Click 'Profile' tab.
  4. Click through the pages in the sub-menu (i.e. Pro-PD: Personal Details, Pro-FR: Fields of Research, etc.) and update your information, making sure you click 'save' before leaving each page to avoid losing any changes.