CellBank Australia: Discounts for Sydney researchers

8 August 2012

The Lady Mary Fairfax Cellbank Australia is a joint venture of the Children's Medical Research Institute, Cure Cancer Australia Foundation, and National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Cellbank provides a range of services to Australian researchers including cell line purchase, Mycoplasma testing, and secure storage and is offering various discounts to University of Sydney Researchers to facilitate cell research and combat contamination:

  • 20% off the CellBank Australia list price for the first 120 vials of cell lines purchased directly from CellBank Australia
  • 15% off the list price per cell line for STR profiling or Mycoplasma testing services, rising to 25% for batches of 8 or more cell lines tested concurrently
  • Waiver of the initial deposit fee for cryopreservation of vials via CellBank Australia Secure Storage Service that remain in storage for at least 15 months from the date of deposit.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all revenue received by CellBank Australia is used, along with research grant funding from various sources, to offset the operational costs of the facility and further the goal of supporting good cell culture practices throughout the Australian and international research community.

The discount offer for University of Sydney Researchers is valid until the end of July 2013. 

To get a quote for services please contact CellBank Australia directly.