Pharmacy research seminar series: Medication use in children with asthma

12 April 2013

Speaker: Charu Grover (PhD student, Faculty of Pharmacy)

An examination of current issues in medication use in children with asthma in developed (Australia) and developing countries (India). A qualitative study was conducted in GP surgeries in Sydney and two specialty hospitals in New Delhi, India.

A comparison between both the settings revealed some common and a few cultural issues.

On the basis of these issues, a culturally relevant and child-friendly educational intervention was designed for Indian children with asthma.

Our work presents a systematic generation of evidence for further research to move beyond the commonly used educational instruments and to design culturally-adapted and child-friendly asthma education programs.

The findings of our research bolsters the importance of incorporating the child's and their parents' perspectives in designing future asthma education programs for their continual sustainability and economic viability.

Time: Noon - 1pm

Location: Footbridge Theatre, Holme Building, Science Road

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Dong Fu

Phone: 9351 4444

Email: 2a2100007e121a0f10371e3f5c4a5f5d524c7d3702

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