Responding to historical child sexual abuse: a multi-disciplinary forum

31 May 2013

Child sexual abuse is a serious concern for the community and only a small proportion of perpetrators are ever 'brought to justice'. The criminal justice approach provides only one avenue of redress and one that many victims are not keen to use or do not see as an adequate means of resolution. The aim of this forum is to generate discussion about how best to address the legal and societal "justice gaps" in and outside the criminal justice system and how to minimise the trauma and meet the needs of those who have been sexually abused.

The betrayal of trust inherent in child sexual abuse is a key element of the abuse and contributes to the often very long-lasting impact on the victims. Many victims suffer in silence.

There is little reliable information to guide those involved, including the professionals, about the ways in which historical and institutional abuse is dealt with, and the likely benefits, pathways and outcomes of any prosecution. There is also little information about other ways of reaching an appropriate resolution. This forum is particularly timely given the recent establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

This forum will provide an opportunity to discuss alternative and systemic approaches in the light of the impact of the abuse and the process on victim complainants as well as the investigative and evidentiary issues.


- Professor Kathy Daly,Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University
- Dr Gary Foster,Anglicare Queensland
- Dr Cathy Kezelman,President, Adults Surviving Child Abuse
- Joanne McCarthyFairfax Media
- Detective Michael Newbury,South Australian Police
- Kara Shead,NSWCrown Prosecutor

(and others yet to be confirmed)

Lawyers/barristers: attendance at thisforum is equal to 6 MCLE/CPD units.

This event is part ofSydney Social Justice Research Network(SSJN) Workshop Program for 2013.

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Location: New Law Building (F10) Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Cost: Full: $110, Alumni/Usyd Staff/NGOs: $88

Contact: PLaCE Coordinator

Phone: 9351 0323

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