An introduction to lightsheet microscopy

28 May 2013

Learn about fluorescence imaging on whole, living samples in 3D.

Mr Gavin Symonds of Carl Zeiss will present an introduction to lightsheet microscopy.

Benefits of the new Carl Zeiss Lightsheet z.1 microscope include:

  • image fluorescently labelled live or fixed samples i.e. zebra fish embryo, biopsy of brain tissue
  • image samples as large as up to millimetres in size
  • sub-cellular resolution in a fraction of the time required from other techniques
  • observe live samples over days with no phototoxcity or bleaching

The new Carl Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 microscope will be on demonstration at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, room 402 level 4 M02G, 100 Mallett Street Camperdown, 3 - 14 June 2013.

To make a booking, please

Time: 1-2pm

Location: Brain & Mind Research Institute, Level 5 Lecture Theatre (M02F, Room 502), 94 Mallett Street

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Sandra Fok

Phone: 9114 4194

Email: 2b11560a1a0d1a092e5f2c31330b040d1f761d371e5a111a