An overview of arts based/informed research

25 July 2013

Join us on July 25 for the first of a series of six talks aimed at beginning and established researchers interested in developing their understanding of Arts-based and Arts-informed research, presented by Professor Robyn Ewing.

Using artistic processes and forms to collect, analyse or represent findings privileges our imaginations. Different art forms can allow us to engage in creative ways in developing new understandings and perspectives.

Like any innovative methodologies, Arts-informed/arts based research has attracted a great deal of controversy and engenders lively debates about rigour, authenticity and appropriateness.

This lecture suggests principles for the use of these approaches in exploring relevant educational and social science research questions and examines some of the issues around their use. We will explore how research using arts-informed inquiry when appropriate can contribute perspectives and understandings that are distinctive from other methodologies.

Time: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Location: Education Building A35, Room 612

Cost: Free

Contact: Camilla Pilgrim

Email: 374a27255a2e29612419034c2208550d34120a29135278354f1263042f

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