Disability and Retirement: Inclusive and Active Ageing Seminar

14 June 2013

This seminar will present the latest information on:

  • Successful transition to retirement programs for older workers at ADEs
  • Research on transition to retirement
  • Government policy and funding developments
  • Issues for older workers retiring from open employment
  • Understanding the role that work and occupation play in happiness and gaining meaning from life.

The seminar will also draw on research on retirement in the broader community. Looking to retirement policies and programs in the general community can help the disability sector identify a wide range of policy alternatives, not just disability-specific options.

Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Location: New Law Lecture Theatre 101, New Law Annexe

Cost: Full Registration: $50.00 / Concession Registration: $20.00

Phone: 02 9351 9721

Email: 0c421f1b152b2705372d16371a212511010d4a00394a0d39464e4b3d511e7e1502195e2c2d

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