Interactive Tabletops for Learning: can they help teachers support face-to-face collaboration?

17 April 2013

ACoCo Seminar by Roberto Martinez: "Interactive Tabletops for Learning: can they help teachers support face-to-face collaboration?".

There have been many promises and expectations about the role of technology to "solve" many educational problems. Although there is substantial research work on automatic support of collaborative learning through networked systems, there is still little research on enhancing teachers awareness when learners perform small-group face-to-face activities in the classroom.

Interactive tabletops offer new possibilities to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom, but they also impose new challenges. The prices are coming down but the question remains, can Interactive Tabletops be successfully implemented in a regular classroom?

This talk presents an overview of the work done on Interactive Tabletops for Learning at the CHAI group of the University of Sydney. This research builds on the intersection of three areas: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning and Educational Data Mining in order to implement multiple tabletops to be orchestrated by a teacher at an authentic classroom environment.

This seminar will be available live online at

Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm

Location: Room 230, Education Building (A35)

Cost: Free

Contact: Sadhbh Warren

Phone: 9351 2612

Email: 27060b362545150538543d7d26560749594446

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