Anthropology Symposium: Culture and rights - scepticism, hostility and mutuality

13 June 2012 to 14 June 2012

The relationship between the concept of culture and that of human rights has long been complex and contentious. For anthropologists the effects of this symbiotic relationship between culture and human rights can be traced at a number of different levels. It has been a key point of debate in the development of anthropological codes of ethics.

Human rights, in its discursive and institutional contexts, has become another thematic aspect of anthropologists' subject matter - rights have been assimilated to culture. The capacity to participate in the dialogue between rights and culture has become integral to the political negotiation of fieldwork in many contemporary contexts, and of its ethical evaluation.

Nevertheless, distinctively historical and political perspectives in anthropological writing have also generated substantial critiques, not only of human rights discourse, but of the ways it has been mobilised in particular social and political contexts.

Location: New Law School, University of Sydney

Cost: Early bird: $150 full and $70 concession / Normal: $180 full and $90 concession

Contact: Katarina Ferro

Phone: 0405 627 443

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