Female part-time managers, career trajectories, role models and aspirations

8 March 2012

Dr Jennifer Tomlinson will discuss her research into the career trajectories of female part-time managers which compares their employment experiences, career progression and networking while working full and art-time. Most had successful careers while full-time but these careers stalled once a transition to part-time work was made, for a range of reasons which the presentation will explore.

Dr Jennifer Tomlinson is a Visiting Scholar to Work and Organisational Studies in the Business School in 2012. Her research focus on gender (in)equality at work includes examining the regulation of part-time work, occupational gender segregation, gender and ethnicity in the legal profession in England and Wales, and the careers of women's returners.

Time: 12:30pm-2:00pm

Location: Darlington Centre

Cost: Free

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