The inter-American system for the protection of human rights: challenges for the future

23 February 2012

Speaker: Claudio Grossman, Dean
American University Washington College of Law

The Inter-American system for the protection of human rights involves norms of institutions that establish human rights obligations and supervisory organs for the 35 nations of the Western hemisphere. This presentation will examine the role of the system throughout history in fighting dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, within the process of democratic transitions, and in addressing challenges that lie ahead. It will also examine the methodologies utilized by the system, e.g., visits in loco, cases, the role of the supervisory organs within the context of a vibrant civil society, and the system's role in addressing issues such as impunity, the rights of vulnerable groups, due process and political rights, among others.

Time: 6-7pm

Location: Common Room Level 4, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Cost: Free - registration required

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