Improving knowledge-intensive health care processes beyond efficiency

4 April 2012

Olivera Marjanovic, University of Sydney
Business Information Systems research seminar

Health care has been one of the most important domains for Business Process Management (BPM) research and practice for many years. Through an exploratory case study conducted in a real organization named "SpecialClinic", this research aims to investigate what lies beyond process efficiency and traditional approaches to BP improvement for an industry leader with a very high-level of process automation. This presentation focuses on a complex example of customer-facing knowledge intensive BP and investigates the case organisation's approach to its ongoing improvement. The main findings of this research challenge the main objectives of BP improvement (i.e. reduced costs and improved efficiency) as they show that some organizations are making their "to-be" processes slower and more expensive, yet significantly improved in terms of quality of customer service.

In addition to the main research contribution related to new approaches to improvement of knowledge intensive BPs, this work offers some important lessons for the practitioners interested in expanding the current boundaries of BPM beyond efficiency and traditional BP improvement methods.

Based on Marjanovic O (2011) "Improving Knowledge-Intensive Health Care Processes Beyond Efficiency", 32nd International Conference on Information Systems ICIS 2011, Shanghai, China, 7th December 2011

Time: 10:00 am

Location: Room 397, H04 - Merewether Building

Cost: Free

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