International Business / Emerging Market Internationalization Research Group seminar

4 April 2012

An Exploration of the Role of Local Entrepreneurship and Multinational Firms in the Growth of Bangalore's IT Sector

K. Kumar, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Indian this paper, the growth of IT sector in Bangalore is analyzed, both in terms of number of firms and employment accounted for by them. Differences in the patterns of growth were observed along the dimensions of ownership and the nature of activity carried out by the firms. While growth in number of firms were predominantly driven by the local entrepreneurs and non-resident Indian entrepreneurs, the growth in employment was driven by the subsidiaries and joint ventures of multinational firms, and that too through expansions rather than new firm formation. These findings have implications for policy making, with respect to the role of multinational firms and the local entrepreneurship in the growth of an emerging industry.

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm

Location: Room 6, Darlington Centre

Cost: Free

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