CRC selection round closes

14 June 2012

Applications close on 14 June for the 15th Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) seclection round.

The CRC program supports end-user driven research partnerships between publicly funded researchers and end-users to address major challenges that require medium to long-term collaborative efforts. The Program links researchers with industry to focus R&D efforts on progress towards utilisation and commercialisation.

There is no specific limit to funding available for each CRC project, but since 2008 the average annual funding has been AU$3,7million.

Researchers participating in a CRC bid should contact Steven Hermans for support in securing endorsement from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

For full details, visit the Federal Government's CRC website.

Contact: Steven Hermans

Phone: 8627 8447

Email: 1a3d01352b3b632d243e231718322f15413203034b62345c231d5133

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