Researcher training: Chief investigators, now and future

15 June 2012

Are you a Chief Investigator about to start a new research project or a current CI interested in the maintenance of your research project? Or do you hope to be the CI of a research project sometime in the near future?

If so, then the Future Research Leaders Program half day module on Commencement and Collaboration could help you ensure your project's successful start-up and consolidation.

With many years' experience in their field, Professor Rob Baxter (Kolling Institute for Medical Research) and Professor Gabrielle Meagher (Faculty of Education and Social Work) will be presenting this workshop.

They aim to draw together key themes relating to subjects such as project commencement, management and profile establishment as well as recruitment, implementation and data management within the project team.

Time: 9am - 1pm

Location: Darlington Centre, Conference Rooms 1 and 2

Contact: Learning Solutions

Phone: 9036 4723

Email: 27332b4b27035b0f5736042e2602031c3c062b265617292e0b4d0e1c1b450413

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