Early career researcher training: writing about your research in plain English

18 July 2012

Many biomedicalresearchers find it difficult to describe their work clearly and succinctly. Fair enough - it's complex work. Yet it is vital to be able to do so for necessities such as:

  • grant applications
  • reporting back to funding bodies
  • reporting back to employers
  • seeking funding from charities
  • promoting your research
  • promoting research generally
  • social situations.

By the end of the seminar we hope you will be able to:

  • describe your work in plain English
  • describe the reason you are doing this research
  • place this research in its social and scientific context.

Topics to include:

  • what is plain English?
  • what is jargon?
  • defining your audience
  • writing to impress

Presenters: Mark Ragg and Melissa Sweet

About the Early Career Researcher Development program (Biomedical)

The 2012 program for Biomedical Researchers aims to give participants support in career planning, networking and the development of research capacities. The program is for researchers who are 1 - 10 years postdoctoral. It consists of 7 half day sessions and a structured mentor program.

Demand for this course is always high so attendees must commit to attending all sessions.

To find out more, visit theLearning Solutions website.

Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Location: Seminar Room 1, Learning Solutions, SUV, Bligh Building L03 - Ground Floor

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