Early career researcher training: Collaborations, networks and strategy

10 August 2012

A major grant application is like an examination where you must score 100% - but then still might not pass. Why are some people so often successful in their grant applications? Are they better researchers (perhaps they are), or just better at communicating their ideas to a highly critical audience? Are there some simple skills that can be learnt to maximise our chance of success in grant applications?

Topics will include:

  • The grant process
  • What grants are available to arts researchers including grants from small granting bodies?
  • What support is available once you are successful?
  • Tips for success
  • "Traps for young players"
  • How to work most effectively with the Research Portfolio

Presenters: Associate Professor Jennifer Milam and Professor Margaret Harris

About the Early Career Researcher Development program (Humanities and Social Sciences)

The program for Humanities and Social Sciences researchers aims to give participants support in career planning, networking and the development of research capacities. The program is for researchers who are 1 - 10 years postdoctoral. It consists of 3 half-day sessions and a structured mentor program.
Demand for this course is always high so attendees must commit to attending all sessions.

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Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Location: Learning Solutions - Seminar Room 2

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