2012 Agriculture and Environment Research Symposium: Soil Security

17 July 2012

Throughout the epochs, civilisations that have failed to secure their soil have fallen by the wayside of history. With globalization, securing soil is crucial for the whole of humanity's future wellbeing.

The 2012 Agriculture and Environment Research Symposium - jointly hosted this year by the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment and the United States Studies Centre - will bring together experts from across the globe to discuss the different dimensions and approaches that must be considered in the development and establishment of international research and policy agreements on Soil Security.

Time: 8AM - 4.30PM

Location: Lecture Theatre 101, New Law School, Camperdown Campus

Contact: Jessica Morris

Email: 1e3f39393c25504d3a3e3f24022b0f1f4815003030432b124d7a0c06

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