The 4th Tissue Engineering Symposium

28 August 2012 to 29 August 2012

The Sydney University Tissue Engineering Network (SuTEN) is holding its 4th Tissue Engineering Symposium in August 2012. This two day world class event will bring in leaders from several top universities around the world. Sessions include:

  • Programming Stem Cells for Bone, Blood, and Cartilage Regeneration
  • Mucsculoskeletal tissue regeneration
  • Cells, molecular signals and tissue regeneration
  • Haematopoeitic and vascular regeneration
  • General discussion of translation from bench to bed, and industrialization

This year's theme is particularly useful for early career researchers, all young researchers as well as PhD students. If you are interested, please register for the Early Career Researcher Workshop scheduled on the 27th of August as soon as possible due to the limited places available.

Find out more and register online

Registration closes 31 July 2012.

Location: Darlington Centre, University of Sydney

Cost: $60 for Regular Attendees $30 for students

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