21st Century Medicine: Adolescent pathways to depression: interventions, choice and treatments

5 September 2012

Ian Hickie
Ian Hickie

There are few more urgent, but also more controversial, topics than determining which treatments for adolescent depression are best suited to which young people.

A whole series of questions are commonly raised by young people themselves, their parents, health professionals and the wider community. Common examples, include: when to present for help, how to get the help you need, how can you decide which treatment will provide the most benefit, can the treatments do more harm than good and how long does treatment need to continue?

In recent years, new research at the BMRI (and in collaboration with our major partners in Brisbane, Melbourne and Washington) has made a significant contribution to providing better answers to these questions.

The speaker: Professor Ian Hickie has been one of the most influential voices in recognition and funding of mental health, especially in young people.

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

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