Biome Symposium 2012

18 August 2012

a cluster of researchers, practitioners and artists, considers the systems that exist in natural environments or in biological principles and methods. The symposium unearths these systems across the fields of biology, mathematics, music, behavioural studies, engineering, interaction design and architecture.

The call for papers has now closed and preparations to the Biome Symposium exhibition 'Digital Interdisciplinations — Prototypes: Prosthetics, Parasites' has begun.

The exhibition, to be opened in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's Tin Sheds Gallery, asks what form our relationship with technology takes today.

The exhibition will feature a range of works that pursue speculative ideas and probes at the boundaries of art, architecture and interactive media as both disparate and co-constituted practices, and is curated by Dagmar Reinhardt, Martin Tomitsch and Marjo Niemelä,

Digital Interdisciplinations is sure to excite, surprise and challenge our accepted and developing relationships with technology.

To find out more about the syposium papers presentation, please visit the Biome website.

Exhibition Opening Night: August 9, 2012
Exhibition Dates: August 10 to September 8, Tues-Fri, 10-5pm

Symposium Papers Presentation: August 18, 2012
Tin Sheds Gallery, 148 City Road, Darlington NSW 200

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Location: Tin Sheds Gallery, 148 City Rd Darlington NSW

Contact: Dr Dagmar Reinhardt

Email: 2d242b175636671f525d282f2307370e150430222b36186207255a6c4e12

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