Food preferences and obesity

30 August 2012

Dr John Prescott is a researcher in the human perception of taste, smell and oral tactile sensations with a special interest in how food preferences arise.

He holds a PhD in psychology from the University of New South Wales (1986), and has held academic positions in universities and research institutes in Australia and New Zealand, as well as honorary research positions in the UK and USA.

He has taught basic and advanced courses in human perception and learning, the psychology of hedonics, and sensory science. He is co-editor of Food Quality & Preference, the leading journal for sensory and consumer science, and member of the executive editorial board of Chemosensory Perception.

He is author of more than 70 refereed journal articles and 14 book chapters on topics including cross- cultural taste perception and preferences, perception of pungency, the genetic basis of taste perception, and flavour perception and preference.

Time: 11.30am - 12.30pm

Location: Lecture room 143, Medical Foundation Building K25, University of Sydney

Cost: Free

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