Improving cardiovascular diseases risk assessment and management in older adults

9 October 2012

In this presentation Dr Jesse Jansen will discuss how she aims to examine decision-making and communication aspects of absolute CVD risk assessment and management among older aged adults (75+).

Risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events increase with age and treatment benefits are directly proportional to pre-treatment CVD risk. Older people may therefore have the greatest potential to gain from CVD treatment but there are indications this group may not be receiving the appropriate CVD care.

Clinical guidelines advocate using absolute risk rather than individual risk factors to inform clinical decisions in CVD prevention, but the recommendations for patients over 75 years are limited. This leaves clinicians with the complex task of weighing absolute CVD risk with the benefits and harms of CVD management in the elderly.

This lecture is part of the School of Public Health's Research Fellows Seminar Series.

Time: 1pm

Location: Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building

Contact: Susan Martinez

Phone: 9036 5336

Email: 000c244a1c455e120601000654350e183b12003f4143262a3e58334c

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