Symposium: The CCN Proteins and Family of Genes and the IGF Binding Proteins

23 October 2012

The CCN family (Cyr61, CTGF and NovH) and the IGF binding proteins have fundamental roles in health and disease including in tissue inflammation, fibrosis, cancer and metabolism. Presented by the Charles Perkins Centre, this symposium of talks will be delivered by distinguished national and international speakers and will focus on relationships of these proteins with their biological functions.

The series of talks will cover:

  • 'IGF Binding Proteins: Novel ligands mediate unexpected functions' by Professor Robert Baxter, Sydney, Australia Doctor of Science and Head of Growth Factor Lab, Kolling Institute, the University of Sydney
  • 'The CCN family of genes and proteins overview and in health and disease - past, current and future' by Professor Bernard Perbal, Paris, France, President of the CCN Society
  • 'CCN Proteins in bone and cartilage' by Professor Masaharu Takigawa, Okayama, Japan, President-Elect of the CCN Society
  • 'CCN Proteins in connective tissue and its diseases' by Associate Professor Andrew Leask, Ontario, Canada, Editor of the Journal of Cell Communication and Signalling
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Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm

Location: Main Auditorium of the Medical Foundation Building (ground floor), the University of Sydney

Cost: Free, please RSVP by 15 October 2012

Contact: Mr Ali Ayoub, EA to the Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre

Phone: 9351 2688

Email: 2b0f1319204b3d0d042b404e13561d1747112b1e65553d

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